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We encourage you to share and/or teach classes, workshops, demonstrations, or a small fireside chat on topics you are passionate and knowledgeable with. We welcome classes on all subjects and in all formats, for learners of all ages. We suggest listing a range of options, and then iterating based on the discovered popularity. 

Your earnings will depend on what your classes cost, and how many people sign up. We collect a 30% service fee from all paid enrollments. We will send your payment 10-14 days after your program ends. Payment is via Bill.com or via Paypal upon request to the email address you specify.  You will need to pay tax on your earnings and report them appropriately.

Make: reserves the right to offer up to a 20% discount on all campus programs.

Classes will take place within our online event platform. Similar to zoom you will have the options for breakout rooms and an interactive whiteboard. Your attendees and event can be managed in your portal once the application is accepted.
Yes! We welcome organizations to apply to offer their content on Make: Experiences. To become an Ambassador Organization and please contact us here. If you’re a school administrator looking to enroll learners in classes or partner with us in another way, contact us here. If you are an employer looking to provide Maker Campus classes as a benefit to your employees, contact us here.

To Apply

Please use the application to apply, it also helps us to get to know you. Help your application stand out with creative and original content programming ideas. We are excited that you want to learn and share with our audience. Our team reviews all applications that are submitted. You will hear back from us in 3-5 business days.
You must be at least 18 years old to facilitate a program on Maker Campus.
What is your camp, class, or workshop?  You will want a telling and enticing description.
  • What skills will be learned? 
  • What will make it fun?
  • Class title?
  • What are the tools & materials needed to participate?
  • Most people are visual! Photos are used to represent the class throughout the site, and when the class is shared on social media. We need a selection of images to help promote your offering on our sites, in the ticketing platform, on social.
  • Headline: A short phrase that describes you, eg  ‘Former Teacher and lifelong learner’ ‘Tesla Coil Musicians who travel the world’ ‘Maker Magician who has made his passion a family business’ ‘Engineer by day Hacker by night’ ‘Jack of all trades’
  • Photo: This should be of you, and include a clear view of your face
  • About me: A paragraph that describes your background, experience, and interests.  This should be 100-200 words in length. This should be free of spelling or grammatical errors and can be used for marketing purposes.
  • Social URL: In order to promote your offering to the widest audience please provide social handles.

Makers set their own class prices from the class edit page.  Please note that the price is for the full course, regardless of length, and registrants pay per learner.  Feel free to explore different prices to find the model that works best for you. Keep your target audience and the cost of materials in mind when pricing your class.  Does the registration cost of your class cover the cost of materials and shipping? If so, you will need to include this amount in your price.

  • What is your maximum and minimum number of attendees/participants? 
  • Think about your target audience.  
  • What day of week and time of day will work? 
  • What price (consider cost of materials)?
  • Duration of camp, class, or workshop. (# hours) As well as the listings on our website, we will promote your scheduled classes via weekly emails and  social media posts. 
  • Schedule 4 or more weeks out to maximize the promotion we can do for your classes.
  • Each ticket will need a name and short description.  This should tell your audience what they are purchasing.  
  • Is shipping materials involved.  Will need to decide on a cut-off date to assess if minimum sign up level is met, a date that allows for adequate shipping.

Choose an image that is visually compelling and relevant to the class topic.

  • At least one square image 1000X1000px (500X500 minimum) and one wide 2:1 ratio, 2160x1080px. The more images the better.
  • If the image includes significant amounts of text, it may receive less promotion.
  • You must have rights to the photos.  See additional terms HERE.
  • Your image may not depict violence, nudity, or symbols of hate.
  • Short promo videos useful for newsletter inclusions and social media posts.

Please do not use graphics with text overlays for your featured image.

Our login application uses Third Party Cookies to detect logins across our various websites. In order to login, you must allow the use of Third Party Cookies. Additionally, if you are using Safari, make sure that Prevent Cross Site Tracking is not enabled.

Please see our documentation on login issues for more information.


Programs are most successful when makers are excited about what they’re offering.  If you have been to a Maker Faire think about the energy in the air it is contagious and centered around learning and sharing.

One time classes help you create awareness and reach new learners, while longer classes let learners engage more deeply with the topics you offer.

Have more participants see your classes by sharing them on Facebook, by email or on other social media. Just click the Share link on your class pages or teacher page.

Show your passion for your subject and create programs that you might like to do yourself.  If you are offering a common topic put a unique spin on.

The more information that participants have, the more likely they are to enroll. Pick a title that is catchy and a summary that is descriptive. What, Why, When, and How.

Reach out and engage with those who have registered for your program.  Get them excited and maybe they will share on social media that they are attending.